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Investing in Children and Families that Need Help is the Best Way to Improve Our Communities

When You Give the Gift of Choice, it Can Be the Greatest Gift of All

For millions of children and single parents, the cycle of poverty will never be broken without the help of those who care. The need to provide often overrides any chance at positive change, because change can’t take place unless they have the freedom to make choices. When parents can choose where to live, which job to take, or what tutor to hire, they are making the necessary choices to lift themselves out of their current situation and live a life free from poverty. Giving these children and single parents the ability to live their lives with greater choices requires more than just an act of charity. It requires an investment in their education and personal development. This is how the Ideal Way Association gives back to our community and contributes to the betterment of our greatest resource…our children.

Your Organization Can Help a Parent Make a Better Life for their Family

The Ideal Way Association was formed with a mission to empower and elevate others by creating a bridge that closes the gap between the impossible and the possible via partnerships, education, mentorship, and acts of charity with a focus on children. We do not focus on missions of charity alone, but rather, life interventions. Our organization was conceived of, and is run by entrepreneurs with a desire to give back to the community that gave so much to them. As such, the Ideal Way Association is run like a business. We are not a “charity”. The Ideal Way Association is a charitable business that invests in children and measures the successes of those investments in the same way you would measure the success of any business investment.

As with any business, we track the return on investment, keeping our contributors informed of how every dollar is spent. The aim is to have 95% of every dollar raised go to the people in need and 5% goes towards the operational needs to run and raise more funds. After operational costs are deducted, the remaining funds will go towards life intervention investments like education, mentorships, nutrition, sports activities for children and partnerships with other non-profit organizations that shares the same vision and mission.

 “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

~ John Andrew Holmes; Poet

To Learn More About the Ideal Way Association, Including How We Screen and Select Children for Mentorship and Support, Our Plan of Action, or to Join Our List of Contributors Please Contact Us Today.